"Currently, Columbia Gas Transmission Corporation plans to remove many acres of trees from their pipeline and gas well installations.  Columbia’s announced plan is to clear a 50-foot wide corridor over all of their transmission lines.  With 13 miles of transmission lines in Mohican, this much clearing would devastate the biological integrity of the forest (not to mention the esthetic value).
In addition, their plan calls for the removal of some, or all, of the trees within 300 feet of their wellheads.  Columbia has stated that they need to remove only the trees that present a hazard to their wellheads, but in the same breath they reserve the right to clear everything within 300 feet of each wellhead.  There are 54 wellheads in Mohican State Forest and 2 more in Mohican State Park.   A 600-foot diameter clearing would be equivalent to 6.5 acres or the size of 5.9 football fields!  Their total proposal would result in the clearing of 365 additional acres, or 1/12 of Mohican!
All of this devastation is for a measly royalty of $200 per year for each well.  It costs more to rent a parking space in Mansfield than it costs Columbia to use 6.5 acres of prime state forest land."

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