Columbia Gas Resumes Cutting in Reston

Public Safety at Work?
Environmental and quality of life concerns clash against gas line safety plan.

Columbia Gas: Half Truths ... Half Trees

Trimmed Tree Columbia Gas BeforeTrimmed Tree Columbia Gas Reston

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Corroded pipe blamed in fatal Delhi explosion
[07/12/19 ]
"We are looking at external corrosion as a strong factor," said Kelly Merritt,
spokesman for pipeline owner Columbia Gulf Transmission....
Corbin Fawcett, 47, of Haleyville, Ala., was killed in the explosion...
...(of)The 30-inch underground pipe, installed in 1954..

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Blast on interstate near Delhi kills one, injures one
[12/15/07] A fiery explosion
at a natural gas pipeline Friday afternoon
shut down Interstate 20 for

Pipeline Explosion, Illinois

What if your neighbor ................

Trimmed Tree Columbia Gas
......... could destroy your property,

.......... ignore your rights,

.......... not compensate you for damages,

.......... and was immune to local and state laws.

You might be living next to a Columbia Gas Transmission easement.

In September 2006, contractors hired by Columbia Gas Transmission began cutting limbs from trees in Herndon, Virginia. They cut from earth to sky at the edge of their pipeline easement, without regard for the health of the trees, the safety of neighborhood children playing at an adjacent school playground, or the concerns of local residents and public officials.

This is our neighborhood before.
Trees before cutting

This is our neighborhood afterwards.
Trees after cutting

Channel 4 News called it a "Hack Job". Virginia Senator Janet Howell referred to it as the Herndon Chainsaw Massacre.

For Columbia Gas it was called business as usual.